Lowdham Parish Council – Environmental Policy


Lowdham Parish Council aims to carry out its activities with environmental efficiency, actively seeking to protect and enhance the local environment and biodiversity within its area of operation whilst endeavoring to ensure wider adverse environmental impact does not occur as a result.


The Parish Council recognises that a climate emergency has been declared at national, regional and within some organisations, local level.

The Parish Council will consider the impact its activities have on both climate change and biodiversity issues and will endeavor to introduce measures that either mitigate negative outcomes or actively support beneficial outcomes, where this is practicable and affordable within the resources and financial capabilities of council.

The Parish Council will specifically consider the following:

  1. the impact that operating its assets has on the environment,
  2. the impact that the goods and services it procures, including the environmental commitment of it’s suppliers, has on the environment,
  3. where possible and appropriate, replace environmentally inefficient assets with environmentally friendly alternatives
  4. the impact that execution of the Parish Council’s activities may have on the environment


In all its activities the Parish Council will aim to;

  1. i) Minimise the consumption of all resources used in its operations, particularly in respect of the buildings and equipment it uses and the administration of its activities.
  2. ii) Seek, wherever possible, to only use contractors and suppliers who have their own environmental policy, which is continually reviewed, up-dated and measured against recognised, best practice examples.

iii) where possible, affordable and commensurate with Parish Council powers and duties, support local initiatives aimed at climate change and or, biodiversity protection or enhancement.


Lowdham Parish Council will strive to;

  1. i) Meet all relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  2. ii) Regularly update and improve standards in light of increased understanding and knowledge.

iii) Avoid the creation of unnecessary waste by adhering to a policy of considered, strategic purchasing.

  1. iv) Recycle and reuse waste materials where possible.
  2. v) Dispose of all necessary waste through safe and responsible methods.
  3. vi) Investigate the use of sustainable energy sources.

vii) Respect and protect natural resources by practicing conservation and good management.

viii) Encourage contractors and suppliers to minimise their impact on the environment.

  1. ix) Encourage its Members and employees to take responsibility for ensuring that the best environmental policy is used and adhered to at all times.

Version 29.10,19