Proposed Parking Places – 03 September 2019

Roadworks Bulletin Date: 17 June 2019

Notice of election for District Councillors for Lowdham

Notice of election for Parish Councillors  for Lowdham

Nottingham Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship

NRMTS A4 Poster 2020

Temporary Road Closure

NK008-20 Roadworks Bulletin - REV 1

Southwell Road junction with Old Tannery Drive

Roadworks Bulletin - Southwell Road jct Old Tannery Drive, Lowdham

Lowdham Cemetery

Headstone Inspection Notice
Headstone Inspection Notice letter

Temporary Road/Level Crossing Closure in Lowdham

NK025-20 Roadworks Bulletin
Closure Plan for Lowdham Level Crossing, Station Road & Gunthorpe Road, Lowdham - NK61-19-1

Parcel Delivery Scam


Lowdham Flood Relief Scheme Update 17 October 2019

Lowdham Flood Relief Scheme Update 18 October 2019 FINAL

Lowdham Roundabout Proposals Update 4th October 2019

Lowdham roundabout update 191004

Final report for the A612/A6097 roundabout proposal

Final Roundabout Feedback Report1908121

Consultation on Lowdham Flood Relief Scheme

Consultation on Lowdham Flood Prevention Scheme Aug 2019


Download:   Consultation Feedback Form


Consultation on Proposals to Upgrade Lowdham Roundabout

Consultation on Lowdham roundabout Aug 2019 ver2


Download:   Consultation Feedback Form


Free, safe, effective exercise classes for the over 60s

A4 poster Lowdham 11th July 2019-1


Tennis advert 2
Tennis Courts facilities Souhwell Rd


Newark & Sherwood Planning Committee

2019-02-05 Planning Committee

The Notts Roosevelt Scholarship are looking for ambitious and driven individuals

The Notts Roosevelt Scholarship are looking for ambitious and driven individuals, who would like a life-changing opportunity, that would help them to progress in their careers, whilst also having a positive impact on Nottinghamshire. Our Scholarship, provides you with a funded opportunity to put forward your own project to research across the USA. You will be required to demonstrate the ‘need’ and ‘benefit’ of your research topic to your employer and Nottinghamshire. Further details are below and can be found on the Roosevelt website ( ). Applications are made on-line and further details are available at ( ) with the application button at the bottom of the page.


In addition for 2019, there is a unique opportunity, along with your project, to research the lives and impact of the Pilgrim Fathers as part of the Mayflower 2020 campaign. The campaign celebrates 400 years since the Mayflower Pilgrims sailed to and arrived in America with many of the settlers coming from Nottinghamshire. In order to bring a fresh perspective to the Mayflower project we are looking for applicants who do not already have extensive knowledge of the Pilgrim Fathers and their legacy. We welcome applications from heritage professionals, journalists, story tellers and creative individuals who may choose this as their main project. Please see the Roosevelt website ( ) for more information or contact


Key dates

  • Friday 1st March 2019 – Closing date for applications
  • Friday 22nd March 2019 – Initial Interview
  • Thursday 25th April 2019 – Final Interviews


Brief details of the Scholarship

The Nottingham Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship is a Nottinghamshire based Charity, established in 1946 by the then Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Francis Carney, and US President Eisenhower in honour of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the contribution he made to ending WWII. The object of the Scholarship is to promote further education and in particular of the history and way of life of the American people – so building stronger links between Nottinghamshire and the US.

We provide scholarships to anyone aged 21-35 living or working in Nottinghamshire to travel to the States for up to three months. The ‘bursary’ is up to £3,000* (*pro-rota) plus a return flight to New York. It’s a wonderful opportunity for self-development and to pursue a key project – of the applicant’s choice. We hope the individuals will provide long lasting benefit to the County on their return. Full details are on our website The website links to our social media : Twitter ( @NottsRoosevelt ) and Facebook  ( @NRMTS, ).

This year we are delighted to confirm that in recognition of the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower Pilgrims sailing to and arriving in America, Nottinghamshire County Council is funding a special project. The project will entail researching the historic links and life stories / impacts of some of the descendants who left Nottinghamshire and landed in New England on the Mayflower. Further details on website ( ).





Hedgehogs are in trouble

Their numbers are diminishing and it is thought that in Britain we have lost about one third of them in the last ten years.

Farms are now less friendly to hedgehogs because of modern farming methods. However we can start to make our gardens hedgehog-friendly by cutting a small hole in our fences so that they can move between gardens. (Check with your neighbour first though.) One garden is not enough for a hedgehog to live in and find enough food.

It’s best not to tidy the garden up too much, or at least leave them an untidy corner where they can grub about to their hearts’ content finding slugs, snails and insects for food.

Look for Hedgehog Street on the Internet. The site is full of ideas about how to help hedgehogs and you can become a hedgehog Champion! It would be great if Lowdham could become a haven for hedgehogs.

More about this next month.


Steve and Chris Platt