Lowdham Flood Relief Scheme Update 17 October 2019

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5th JULY 2019

Lowdhamflood prevention proposals 7 July 2019


Flood Relief Consultation Feedback Form


7th FEBRUARY 2019

Leslie Sharpe and Alan Graham from the Trent Rivers Trust attended to give a short presentation about the natural flood management scheme on the Cocker Beck.


The Trust is a charity and had received funding from DEFRA for the scheme and were supported by the Environment  Agency. Prior to the commencement of the work they had surveyed the water course and contacted up to twenty landowners to secure agreement to undertake the work. This has now started and they will do as much as possible before the spring but will then wait until autumn to continue. The scheme should completed this year. The trust will install some 17 “leaky barriers” across the beck and some field drains; the work will be in Lambley Dumbles and the beck and watercourses before it reaches Lowdham.


The barriers will slow down the rate of flow of the water which will reduce erosion and the amount of sediment.  This should reduce the number of blockages and improve water quality. In times of peak flow, water will back up behind the barriers or be stored in scrapes in the corners of fields for up to twenty four hours. The trust is also re-profiling the course of the back in order to increase the capacity of the water course and are planting some 1600 trees in the area of Lambley Dumbles. It is believed that the scheme will improve water quality and biodiversity in the Beck as well as helping to reduce the risk of flooding in Lowdham. It was, however, emphasised that this scheme was intended to be complimentary to the main EA scheme and not to replace it.



The EA continues to work on the main flood relief scheme and has submitted plans to NSDC for consideration as to whether planning permission will be required. These plans are available to the public on the NSDC planning portal. A group of Councillors continue to have regular meetings and telephone conferences with the EA to discuss progress of the scheme. It now seems likely that the EA will work with Via (NCC Highways) so that culverts will be laid under the dual carriageway as Via carry out improvement works to the roundabout.