Multi Use Games Area

Parish Council Meeting 7 Feb 2019

There was further discussion about the future of the multi use games area, This was fully discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting. The existing surface is nearing the end of its useful life and has to be replaced. The existing surface was installed on the basis that it would support a large number of sports but this proved not to be the case and the MUGA is now only used by tennis players. After the Annual Parish Meeting, the Council decide to lay a surface that could be use for football due to interest expressed by Lowdham Colts who provide training and competitive football for many boys and girls in the village. Some funding may be available from the FA for such a project and other grant applications are pending.    However some Councillors and members of the public have expressed concern at the loss of the tennis facility as the MUGA would effectively be exclusively used for youth football. As a result, the Council will make further enquiries and seek expert advice on modern surfaces such as 4G before a final decision is made.